Carry that weight 2022

26.2 miles, 54lbs carried by each participant in recognition of the 54* lives lost to suicide in Liverpool in 2020. *reference

What's it all about?

All donations are now in!! A total of £3,602 was raised by you all! A massive Thank You for all your kindness and effort in helping us raise the much needed funds and awareness of the suicide numbers in our City. A big Thank You also goes out to the regulars of The White Horse pub who made a massive contribution.

Work has already begun on our projects moving forward. Stay updated and continue to support us through our social media pages and our Website.

Thank You


Since 2003, World Suicide Prevention Day has been recognised annually on 10th September.

In 2020, 54* people in Liverpool lost their lives to suicide.

Our group will be walking 26.2 miles (full marathon distance) along the coastal roads from Southport to Otterspool Promenade carrying up to 54lbs in weight each. This walk will take place on 10th September.

Each lb symbolises a life lost and the heavy burden carried by people struggling with mental health.

Lightbody Health CIC have been providing support across the Liverpool City region for those suffering with their mental health through our weekly Walk&Talk programme and via our monthly lowland walks out in the countryside.

We currently offer an online chat group aimed at reducing isolation within the community for those who cannot attend our physical programme.

Our aim is to expand our online service to include a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based programme delivered by a qualified mentor to further support those in need.

This expansion will include training for our mentor and up to 30 access memberships for our service users.

We will be carrying up to 54lb in weight over a marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Each pound in weight represents a life lost to suicide in our region alone.

Funds raised via our Carry The Weight challenge 2022 will directly go towards expanding this number even further, allowing us to help more vulnerable people to gain the skills they require to self help and reduce the suicide numbers in our region.

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

The aim is to raise £3000!

If you would like support us, please click the donate button below or go to our facebook page.

Thank you!




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