New Online Wellbeing Chatroom Launched

New Online Wellbeing Chatroom Launched

On January 17th we held our first online wellbeing chat over zoom which was very well recieved by the participants. We wanted to create an environment free from judgement, easy to access and open to all.

These chats are ongoing on a Monday at 9-10am and Wednesday at 6-7pm and full details are available over on our facebook page and a dedicated group support page.

They are lead by Stephanie Smith our Online Wellbeing Coach, weve gathered a few participant quotes below:

"I find the well being chat very helpful to just talk about where we're all at after a couple of years of the  pandemic. We all need to be 'real' at times and not just say we are 'fine'. Being able to say how it really is is very important. For myself I have been totally alone the whole time so a zoom meeting like this to 'connect' is very helpful...."

"Well it’s brilliant talking about how we are and feeling. Also knowing that you are helping others by listening.

I can’t say how much it really helps, and talking to someone else instead of just the family."

This was all achieved after recieving a Knowsley COVID-19 Support Fund grant of £2500 from Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside.

For further information please contact us.